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Why a CO2 Laser?

A laser cutter is a fantastic tool. It can cut and engrave all kinds of materials. And, if you've decided to add one to your set of tools, with REDpoint Laser Systems you'll get a guide and real support to help you through the decision making process. Firstly we'll be talking on CO2 lasers, which are the more common and widely used type of lasers. Whether Pro or Aficionado, this equipment will lead you over ways and routes of exploration, creativity and, the better, profitable business.

The other type of laser is YAG, which is technology used in more powerful, industrial lasers. It is used to cut metal and in industrial settings. So YAG machines are an order of magnitude more expensive. There is a wide variety in choice of CO2 laser cutters here with REDpoint Laser Systems. And the selection is continuously growing. I'll walking you through the factors to consider and decisions to make during the selection process.

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