No. Item 90Tx 8 ft Unit
1 Nominal force 400 KN
2 Work table length 2200 mm
3 Slider stroke 100 mm
4 Max opening height 320 mm
5 Distance between columns 1850 mm
6 Throat depth 230 mm
7 Slider speed V-work=8mm/s, V-return=66mm/s, V-no load=60mm/s, mm/s
8 Hydraulic system max working pressure 25 Mpa
9 Bended plate strength 450 mm
10 Main motor 5.5 KW
11 Dimension 2200×1200x1910 mm


2.Main Structure and Working Principle          
This type of machine is consist of  frame, slider, back-gauge system, hydraulic     
system,control system and  die.             
1). OEM design, attractive appearance, well-made.           
2). Steel weld structure,  Strong frame,  high rigidity and Excellent shock absorber.     
3). Structural parts are derusted by weltering sand and sprayed with anti-rust paint.     
4). Column,upper slider, down worktable are processed by the best word-class NC floor type boring and 
      milling machine, ensured the parallelism and verticality of installation surfaces are guaranteed  
5). Upper dynamic bending design, working smoothly, easy to operate and safe.     
3.Hydraulic System            
1). Adopt Germany BOSCH hydraulic system, to guarantee the control accuracy.     
2). Siemens main motor, strong power, low noise.           
3). Japan NOK sealing ring, sealed well, reliable working, long-life.         
4). Original America PARKER or EATON pipe connection. Ensure hydraulic system no leakag  
5). Clear and intuitive oil level display.            
6). Adopt integrated design, compact structure, strong sealing and long life      
7). The hydraulic system is divided into coarse and precise filters, high filtration precision.  
4.Electrical control system            
1).Electrical components meet international standards, safety and reliability, strong anti-interference ability, 
    electric control cabinet has the heat dissipation function.         
2). With movable foot switch operation, there is an emergency stop function      
3). Most electrical components adopt Schneider brand products        

Press Brake WC67K-90T (8 ft)