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1KW Closed Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Source: 1KW from MAX
Cutting Table: Enclosed Type with (118in x 59in (3000*1500mm) Cutting Area
Cutting Head: Raytools/ Empower with Height Control System
Control Card: CypCut from fscut
Water Chiller included
Exchange Station included
Waste recycling equipment included



1. Advantage:
Fiber laser source compared with traditional laser source and non-laser devices is more Eco-friendly .
● With lower electric consumption, fiber laser electro-optical conversion rate is five times of traditional laser.
● Has lower cooling requirement.Lower power fiber laser source only needs air cooling.
● Has higher spot quality, single mode source.
● Has lower consumption, no need to replace lamp or bar etc. consumption material .

A. High stability:
Maxphotonics fiber laser series USES the light path inside the fiber cavity design, to guarantee of high power laser output, at the same time, so to make the volume of the laser reduces, rise the beam quality, while beam transmission in the optical fiber, optical path will not appear in the air, thus to avoid contamination of light path, also it has long running stability. So the large laser cutting machine can be used in harsh industrial environments, but with long working life.

B.High efficiency low cost
Maxphotonics fiber laser has the extremely high electro-optical conversion efficiency, is several times of the same power CO2 laser, its high electro-optical conversion efficiency makes corresponding with lowest power consumption and power consumption of water chillers, it is with stable performance, the most efficient international mainstream laser source.

2. Application:

Widely used for cutting, welding and drilling on stainless steel, carbon steel, Alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel sheet, nickel-titanium alloy, chromium-nickel alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials.
Applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, tube fittings, automobile, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils and appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing industries.

Main configuration and technical advantage:

Fiber laser is a new international type of laser, it has a large heat dissipation area, good beam quality, small size, etc., it has obvious advantage compare to the large volume gas lasers and solid lasers, gradually developed into the important candidate in high Precision laser processing, laser radar systems, space technology, laser medical and other fields.

1. Main Features:
 Excellent beam quality( BPP)
 Constant BPP in full power range
 Small laser beam
 Electro - optical conversion efficiency>30%
 Free maintanence
 Compact size, easy installation
 Lifespan >100,000 hours
 Integrated optical-optocoupler, or shutter

Fiber Laser Cutting RPRIS (3015)

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