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This fiber sheet laser cutter is used for cutting thin sheet metal. It’s power ranges from 1000watts – 3000watts. This laser cutting machine passed the CE/FDA/ETL certification, which means it is safe and effective for use. Right now this laser machine is at a sale price, so make sure you take advantage of this offer soon.

SF3015G – Laser Cutting Machine For Thin Metal Sheets – Open Type – (1,000 – 3,000 watts)


If you’re looking for a fiber laser machine that can cut thin metal sheets up to 20mm (or about .8 inches), then the SF3015G is your fiber laser cutter. This fiber laser cutter has performed exceptionally well for businesses who want to cut thin metal quickly and accurately. The laser power of this laser machine can range between 1,000 watts and 3,000 watts. The price of this machine will vary depending on how much wattage you need for the operation of your business. This laser machine can cut metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, and various other metals.

How Thick Can This Laser Machine Cut?
How thick of a certain material the SF3015G laser machine can cut will depend on the material itself and how much power the laser machine has. A 3,000 watt SF3015G laser machine can cut up to 20mm (or about .8 inches) of carbon steel. The same laser cutter with 1,000 watts of power can cut up to 12mm or about .5 inches. If you were cutting aluminum though, you can cut up to 10mm (.4 inches) with a 3,000 watts laser machine and about 3mm (.12inches) with a 1,000 watts laser machine. At the bottom, I laid out a power cutting chart for you to look at and a video showing how this awesome laser machine can cut through various metals at various thicknesses.

Check out the SF3015G in action cutting various cutting of metals with various kinds of thickness. The video starts out by cutting stainless steel. It then transitions to cutting carbon steel at 8mm – 10mm or .31 inches – at around time 4.30. The around min 7 it starts cutting brass 2mm-4mm or .08inches – .16inch. And then finally around 9:30 it starts cutting aluminum at 3mm-6mm or .12inch – .24inch.

Technical Parameters

Model SF2513G/SF3015G/ SF4015G/ SF4020G/ SF6015G
Working Area SF2513G: 2500mm x 1300mm, SF3015G: 3000mm x 1500mm, SF4015G: 4000mm x 1500mm, SF6015G: 6000 x 1500mm. Inches conversion: 98 x 51in, 118 x 59in/, 157 x 59in, 236 x 59in, 236 x 78in
Z -axis Travel 300mm
Laser Power 1KW/1.5KW/2KW/3KW fiber laser
Maximum velocity of movement 80m/min
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm

Cutting material and thickness

Material 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w
Carbon steel(mm) 0.4-12 0.4-16 0.4-18 0.4-20
Stainless steel(mm) 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-12
Brass (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8
Aluminum (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-10

Product Features

Industry Application

The SF3015G economy metal sheet laser cutter is specialized for mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, elevator manufacturing, home appliances, and other metal processing industries.

Application Materials

Thin carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, and other various metal.

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Our North American Tech/Demo Center is located in the Los Angeles Industrial Region, conveniently near the Port of LA.

1) Equipped with showroom, sales manager, engineers and machine.

2) Price, stateside Tech-Support, Components, Capabilities, and Warranty that is likewise protected under USA Trade Law, as most of our competitors do not have USA Legal or Tech presence as we do.


1) Provide corresponding guidance and equipment information according to customer’s development needs;

2) Solve problems based on the feasibility and development requirements of local market;

3) Provide large-scale optical fiber equipment exhibition hall for customers to confirm the strength of our company.


1) The seller provides one-time free installation and training service at buyer’s factory, as well as the airplane tickets and salary for engineers. The buyer should provide accommodation and food to engineers.

2) The seller provides technical guide’s e-mail, telephone, Wechat, Whatsapp and so on.

3) The seller shall pay for the travel expense if local service needed within warranty time.

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